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Embark on Modern Luxury Living at Villanova La Rosa

Discover the epitome of modern luxury seamlessly blended with the tranquility of Dubailand at Villanova La Rosa. Our townhouses in phases 1 through 6 redefine contemporary living, providing an enchanting fusion of elegance and serenity within a vibrant community.

Your Sanctuary Awaits:

Immerse yourself in the sanctuary of La Rosa's meticulously designed 4-bedroom and 3-bedroom townhouses. Each residence offers a haven where luxury meets tranquility, striking the perfect balance between contemporary convenience and a serene ambiance.

Property Highlights:

- Spacious Living: Enjoy 1988-2660 sqft of expansive living space.

- Luxurious Bedrooms: Indulge in the comfort of well-appointed bedrooms.

- Elegant Bathrooms: Immerse yourself in sophistication with sleek, elegant bathrooms.

- Open-plan Living: Experience an airy and open-plan living area designed for modern living.

- Sleek Modern Kitchen: Unleash your culinary creativity in a stylish and modern kitchen.

- Private Terrace: Retreat to an intimate private terrace for moments of relaxation.

- Covered Parking: Convenience meets functionality with covered parking.

Luxuries within the Community:

- Sparkling Community Pool: Dive into the refreshing waters of our community pool.

- Fitness Center: Stay fit and healthy with our state-of-the-art fitness center.

- Lush Green Spaces: Surround yourself with verdant greenery in our lush landscapes.

- Inviting Clubhouse: Socialize and unwind in our welcoming clubhouse.

Convenient Living:

Centrally positioned, our townhouses offer seamless access to shopping hubs, educational institutions, healthcare amenities, and recreational hotspots. Enjoy picturesque views across the park and take leisurely strolls to the inviting community pool. Experience the perfect blend of urban convenience and natural serenity.

Investment Insights:

- Price Range: 2.3-2.7 million for 3BR townhouses, 2.8-3.5 million for 4BR townhouses.

Why Villanova La Rosa?

Choose not only a home but a lifestyle. Our project stands out with quality, stylish design, meticulous attention to details, and a unique location. Investing in Villanova La Rosa means securing a way of life.

Contact Us for More Information:

For detailed information, brochures, and price lists, contact us today. Let us guide you through the possibilities of owning a piece of Villanova La Rosa.

Invest in a lifestyle, invest in Villanova La Rosa – where contemporary luxury meets tranquility.

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